Rachael Leach – The Butter Dish


We gave you and Nadia a butter dish and marbled utensil holder.  What you chose to start your life together was just lovely, smart, and refreshing. I imagined you both sitting at the table, sipping morning coffee made from your french press, and asking one another to please pass the butter, to spread it over freshly baked french bread.  A butter dish. A utensil holder. Being settled in and snuggled in. Cooking with friends. Eating, drinking, and being merry. We were all ecstatic you moved back to the North Shore. We were all waiting for our lives to finally begin with you and Nadia. You always went together.  Now what?  Our lives will never be the same. I quit my job because life is too short.  I don’t feel like I can or want to do life the same. You and Nadia always seemed to be planning your next fun adventure and you made it happen. How did you do that? You never seemed afraid of anything Chris. You just lived, on the edge. You dared to open your heart to life, pursue your dreams, passions, and love.  You allowed yourself to enjoy life’s finest things, to explore life’s playground. I admired your spontaneity. Your contagious spirit gently prodded me to say, Why Not?, to take the step forward into what my heart has been beckoning me to do. Thank you for being an inspiration. It’s not the same here. An emptiness stills us, but yet there is one wild life to live, each day is a gift. How do we hold this gift? What do we do with it?  I don’t feel grounded. All that was familiar isn’t now. There isn’t anything to grab onto and hold tightly because this life is only temporary

Reading between the lines
The Butter Dish

“My dear”
the newspaper rustled
the last bit of crust on his plate
A sip of coffee left
“if you would please pass”
She glanced over her book
at him
Her hand slowly reached out
She already knew
A moment to savor,  hearts delighted
Life’s morning rays peeking in
Her pinky caressed the melted butter
on the edge
of the porcelain
and then his nose,
followed by a kiss.
“I love you, too”.