Josh MacQuarrie

Many of you know that Chris came to work for me about 10 years ago. Dave had been my employee prior to Chris but when he went on to better things I traded him in for a newer Friedrich model. “Friedrich the Younger” we called him for a time. It was there that our bonds of friendship began to grow. Along with Anthony, we got to know this special kid and fed off his youthful energy. With Caspian, were there for early band practices, some of the recording sessions in Annisquam and the first dozen or so shows. It was great to see such passion and creativity in our friend. I know Anthony and he spent time discussing the “painterly aspects” of Caspian’s music on several occasions. We could always count on each other for long drives involving deep conversation or to share music we were excited about.

In recent years, Chris and Nadia have become family. We have an annual weekend gathering at our family lake house every summer. We have the fondest memories of Chris and Nadia being very involved in our kid’s lives. I have many pictures and videos of Uncle Chris tossing the kids high in the air on the lake, tirelessly pulling them around the lawn in a wagon, reading them stories and, most recently, judging toy house building contests with Nadia.

What sticks best in my mind about his selfless love comes from the Beverly Main Streets Show Caspian just did. My 8 year old son Jonathan has become a big fan and this was his first show. He was hoping that his favorite songs Further Up/Further In would be part of the set list. Before the show, Chris gave him assurances that he would hear it. Because of some technical problems and time constraints they were not able to play Jonathan’s request and he was visibly upset. Hundreds of fans cheered at the end of the show but Chris’ immediate action was to get down of f the stage and come to this 8 year old boy that he loved. He apologized up and down to Jonathan and said he owed him. Jonathan and I will always remember that moment.

My family loved him dearly.